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In celebration of the 20 somethingth anniversary of “Lost Angeles” ® we are reprinting the original books as a limited edition four issue mini series exclusively through Kevin Eastman Studios.

When all hell breaks loose following a massive comet’s near miss, the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles is irreparably fractured and claimed by legions of brutal gangs. Perpetually turf-thirsty bands of fierce warriors fight day in and day out to claim blood and respect across swaths of scarce land, battered by cosmically twisted disasters. As civilization recedes into uncompromising tribal life, an anomaly surfaces: two rival gang members, Mikal and Angel, find themselves in the throes of a comet-crossed love affair. Threatening to tear their respective clans apart from within, their love becomes the centerpiece to all-out gang war as LOST ANGELES ® reaches its fever-pitched conclusion.

What seems like a million years ago in a brain-storming session with me and Simon Bisley sharing likes and inspirations, creative mind melts, and kicking around idea’s of really cool stuff we LOVE to draw, we came up with the concept and title “Lost Angeles” ®. Over a year or so of discussion, we developed the story and concept, banged out a bunch of character designs and kind of set it aside a bit to do other stuff–and that is when I showed it to Joe–who promptly fiddled about–and came back with some very cool suggestions. Joe and I beat out a treatment for the screenplay too.

Simon Bisley is my true “Brother from Another Mother!” We had been working together on different stuff for nearly twenty years, and we have the same sensibilities about the kinds of stories we like to write and draw–Lost Angeles completely grew out of that, and we built most all of the pieces together. Joe Pearson is a very talented friend, and someone I have enjoyed working with and bouncing idea off of for more that a decade, and he brought some REALLY cool idea’s to the Lost Angeles ® structure–so much so I wanted him more fully involved as part of the team. The working relationship is easy and very natural–organic–easy–and that’s what I think be reflected in the story–the pieces fit and work, like the team that brought it to life.

Available exclusively through Kevin Eastman Studios, Inc this four issue set is just $35 for Fan Club Members and each book is accompanied by a KESI exclusive hologram label ensuring the provenance of this project.
This book is also accompanied by one FREE signed copy of the 2014 VWars  featuring Kevin’s cover art – while supplies last.


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