King Size Conan #1 – Carlos Pacheo – SIGNED


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Celebrate 50 Years of Conan the Barbarian Comics with ‘King-Size Conan’ #1

In 1970, Roy Thomas brought CONAN THE BARBARIAN, a creation of author Robert E. Howard, to Marvel Comics. With art by the incomparable Barry Windsor-Smith, CONAN THE BARBARIAN #1 introduced the Hyborian Age to a whole new audience, paving the way for decades of comics and Conan’s conquest of pop culture. Now you can celebrate 50 years of CONAN with this special spanning the breadth of Conan’s life and times by the most dazzling array of creative talent ever assembled to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth!

Kevin Eastman says of his involvement “I bought Conan issue #1 off a drug store spinner rack, I was eight and it cost me fifteen cents. That was a big chunk of my paper route money in those days and worth every penny. I read it so often the staples barely held it together, which Stan Lee commented on when he signed it thirty years later. As a lifelong fan I was thrilled when [editor] Mark Basso not only invited me to do a cover recently, but to contribute a short story for this collection. I was at once incredibly excited and insanely nervous, as well as grateful they still wanted to publish it after I turned the work in! Thanks for so many awesome memories!”

Cover Art by Carlos Pacheo and signed on the cover in metallic ink by Kevin Eastman


This book is also accompanied by one FREE signed copy of the 2014 VWars  featuring Kevin’s cover art – while supplies last.


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