Grim Jack No. 26 – D’Ants Fever – TMNT Short Story – Signed


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Published in September 1986 Grim Jack #26 features an early TMNT short story by Kevin and Peter who really let fly with their goofy sides as the various aliens in this short are just all sorts of crazy. Every inch of space seems to be filled with weird creatures of all shapes and sizes, reminiscent a bit of illustrations from Mad Magazine and Tales from the Crypt. At any rate, the story is a rather nice hybrid of Eastman’s and Laird’s different interpretations of “sci-fi”. Laird’s “I love Star Wars” gags are all over the place, but accentuated by Eastman’s “Heavy Metal” influences. – thanks to TMNTENTITY for this terrific description and synopsis of this project.

Subsequently reprinted in Shell Shock in 1989 “D’Ants Fever” – The TMNT visit a seedy bar filled with aliens by Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird and Steve Lavigne. 8 pages.

Notable as being an Early full color story featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Signed on the cover – Very hard to find title




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