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Leonardo 2020 by Michael Dooney

An Auction to Benefit Turtle Rehabilitation

We are offering a gorgeous Leonardo watercolor created by longtime fan favorite TMNT artist Michael Dooney on our onsite Auction pages to benefit a wonderful organization called CreekWood Box Turtle Rehab and Ziggy’s Tree and the work of veterinarian Dr. Michael Lawrence.

Michael Dooney recently gifted this 2020 artwork to Eastman Studios to use as we see best and we couldn’t find a more appropriate beneficiary than the CreekWood Box Turtle Rehab. Cowabunga!!!  Many, many thanks to Michael Dooney for this AWESOME donation and to the Team Eastman Fan Club Members.

We first became acquainted with this organization through the work of  Dr. Michael Lawrence a vet who owns CreekWood Veterinary Hospital and is a longtime Kevin Eastman Fan Club Member. He recently opened a new Box Turtle Rehabilitation center within his practice and has been sending us photos of the great work they do rehabbing injured turtles. Some have been run over, some bitten and some trampled by horses. His work includes shell recreation and often amputation and prosthesis. He teamed up with Ziggy’s Tree Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to offer his services. Funds raised during this auction will be earmarked for the Box Turtle rehab work.

Ziggy’s Tree Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is operated and funded entirely with volunteers and private donations and they are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.

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