New Cowabundles and New Signatures

We are thrilled to be offering a bunch of new and revamped CowaBundles to this popular series of Vintage collected books.

PLUS we recently teamed up with Mirage Studios artists Dan Berger, Michael Dooney and Jim Lawson to add new Bundles to the series AND they have each signed the covers of several books and we will be randomly inserting these into applicable bundles. The prices for the CowaBundles remain the super low BUT now you are getting BONUS signatures too.

Additionally we now offer a JIM LAWSON signed Bade Biker Bundle AND a MICHAEL DOONEY Signed GIZMO bundle.

A big thank you to Jim, Mike and Dan for your AWESOME assistance – COWABUNGA!!!

Michael Dooney can be contacted through – Instagram

Jim Lawson can be contacted through Instagram

His website is

Email is:

and on Facebook at:


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