You are currently viewing Its a Fugitoid Friday Benefit Auction – ends Friday April 23
Fugitoid Original Art PLUS more Cowabundle

Its a Fugitoid Friday Benefit Auction – ends Friday April 23

Good morning and happy #FugitoidFriday. Our ongoing BENEFIT AUCTION high bid is now at an awesome $655 and will close at about 8:15 tonight Pacific time. We’ve added 6 more Fugitoids to the bundle, why? – one for each day of the week AND the AWESOME Peter Laird signed one for special occasions. 👍😀🍕

An exquisite and adorable Michael Dooney Trading Card sized original Fugitoid artwork accompanied by a Never Sold In Stores Playmates Fugitoid figure began this auction. We’ve been building this package and with the final addition this morning of 6 more Fugitoids and a signed Certificate of Authenticity this AWESOME CowaBundle Charity Auction is now in its final hours.

This Fugitoid Bundle is being auctioned to benefit the Retrieving Freedom Foundation which trains and places service dogs with children living with autism and Veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder and injuries sustained during their service.


Fugitoid Original Art PLUS more Cowabundle

This bundle includes:
Original Art by Michael Dooney with signed head sketch

Vintage Fugitoid Wrap Around Cover print

Fugitoid Signed by Peter Laird

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Collected Book, Volume 5 signed by A.C. Farley

Salute to Slash mini print, signed by Kevin Eastman

Zombicide Collectibles signed by Kevin Eastman

Metalhead Funko POP signed by Kevin

Vintage copy of Fugitoid the book signed by Kevin Eastman

Seven (7) Fugitoid Figures from Playmates that were commissioned by Peter Laird and Never Released in Stores

Turtle Power DVD Signed by Kevin – The Definitive History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Hand made Collectors Pins depicting Fugitoid and The Last Ronin in a collectible hand stamped Pizza Box

Visit the auction to see ALL these and the whole Cowabundle has a signed COA from me too.
Please share and spread the word and help raise some radical funds for Retrieving Freedom, Inc.

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