You are currently viewing Sewer Playset, Technodrome and more – FREE

Sewer Playset, Technodrome and more – FREE

We have a Winner

Wesley Briggs of Florida!!!

Cowabunga Dude!!!!!!!!!!


Today is the last time you can  TO ENTER TO WIN!

That’s right… I’m giving this, the ultimate TMNT playset away! To celebrate the launch of my personal collection of toys, I’ve decided to GO CRAZY and give away this AWESOME playset group from the early TMNT toyline. One lucky person will get everything shown here including:

  • The Technodrome (Signed with Headsketch!)
  • The Sewer Playset (Signed with Headsketch!)
  • Party Van (Signed with Headsketch!)
  • Blimp Base (Signed with Headsketch!)
  • Turtle Trooper (Signed with Headsketch!)
  • Cheapskate (Signed with Headsketch!)
  • Knucklehead (Signed with Headsketch!)
PLUS a full set of the original SOFT HEAD toys signed by me including:
  • Leonardo
  • Michaelangelo
  • Raphael
  • Donatello
  • Splinter
  • Rocksteady
  • Bebop
  • Foot Soldier

… with Krang, signed April, a signed Casey Jones and a sewer pipe that is signed with a headsketch to complete the set.

This will be an AMAZING addition to any Turtle fan’s collection!!

To enter, all you need to do is enter your email and name in the form below (beginning November 1). Even if you are already a Fan Club Member OR receive our Newsletter you must sign up here to be entered into this Giveaway. Everyone who enters between November 1st and December 15th will have a chance to win in our random drawing on December 16th, 2017. If you’re really stuffy, you can view the entire set of rules here. Unfortunately because of local laws, we can only make this available in the USA.

One last plug… while you’re here I invite you to join the Kevin Eastman Fan Club for tons of Cowabunga Bonuses including $10 off every toy in my collection!

Sorry folks, the contest has ended. We will be naming the winner shortly!


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  1. Michael

    I need this…I need this so bad…I need to channel my inner Seinfeld toy episode!

  2. Ethan

    Amazing giveaway Kevin! So awesome!

  3. Nick

    Brilliant giveaway. Good luck to all that enter this is amazing

  4. Timmy

    This is unbelievable! My TMNT collection would look soooooo good with this in it. Bossa Nova!!

  5. Katherine

    Aww dude! Childhood nostalgia to the fullest! This is totally radical! I wish everyone entering the best of luck!

  6. Pomaika'i

    Cowabunga, this totally AWESOME!!! Turtle Power!

  7. Jonathan

    Cowabunga Turtle Fans!! Booyakasha! So awesome of you and your crew!


    No words, it’s fantastic! Good luck all!

    1. Kevin E.

      Cowabunga Aleksandr – your books went out yesterday!

  9. Matthew

    I didn’t even have this many figures when I was a wee lad! “I HOPE I WIN..” also good luck to all. Mostly however, thank YOU Mr. Eastman and his support staff. You are incredib-ELMO!

    1. Kevin E.

      Thank you for your kind words and support Matthew – best of luck!!

  10. Perrin

    Probably the best giveaway I’ve ever seen. Especially considering how much u could make selling all those pieces separately. Your a good man Kevin. I tip my hat.

  11. JD

    What form to we leave our email and name? All see are the comments.


  12. Mikeal

    Cowabunga!!!! Best giveaway ever!!!!

  13. aaron

    What an amazing giveaway!!! Very generous Mr. Eastman.

  14. Anthony

    On behalf of every fans in the world, we thank you!

  15. Nick

    This is unreal. This is the most amazing website ever. Having a creator of the ninja turtles take time out of his days to sign all these items, and answer comments, and make videos. Truly amazing considering the size of the fanbase and number of collectors. I can’t say enough good things. I was born in 87 and literally grew up on ninja turtles and now my kids are too. Congrats to whoever wins! Eastman for president.

    1. Kevin E.

      Wow -too too kind Nick. Welcome to the Fan Club Family!!!

  16. Cindy

    I’m so excited for this giveaway! I even joined your fan club and I’ll be seeing you at the Raleigh Supercon in March! I’ll be wearing my Team Eastman shirt! Cowabunga!!

    1. Kevin E.

      Cindy – thank you so much for your awesome support – see you in Raleigh

  17. Shawn

    Super stoked about this, amazing idea! This is the best giveaway idea EVER! Any chance of you doing Planet Comicon again in 2018?

  18. Nadina

    My son Jorge fornia just signed up for your monthly membership he’s a huge fan of yours

  19. Michael

    Congratulations Wesley!!! Merry Christmas! Enjoy your AWESOME collection! I’m jealous!

    And thanks again Kevin and team for doing this for us fans. Unbelievably generous and amazing!

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    1. Kevin E.

      it is so awesome to have such terrific fans – wish you could all have won!!!

      1. Michael

        You reap what you sow! We’re only as good as what you have created, Kevin. So if we’re terrific, it’s only because you are also! 🙂

  20. Wesley

    This is beyond great. This is the Stanley cup of my collection! Thanks so much Team Eastman! I’ll take good care of it

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