Eastman Studios Arty Zen Line

The Kevin Eastman Studios Artisan Line, ARTY ZEN, of handmade  and customizable works of art based on Kevin’s Original Artwork was launched recently and due to incredible popularity we are already sold out of some items, rest assured  we are making more.  TMNT manhole covers designed by Kevin Eastman look awesome in your TMNT lair and can be customized to order. Turtle Lounge signs are a great addition to any TMNT collection and each is meticulously recreated from the original neon sign hanging in Kevin Eastman’s home studio. We have only a few Turtle Lounge Signs left AND they are on salke now – the PERFECT gift for the TMNT Fan in your life!!!!!!

Kevin’s original artwork is recreated as laser-etched home decor wall hangings or shelf pieces. The boards are cut and sanded, then through a computer program and laser engraver, etched into the surface of the board with exquisite precision on American grown wood. Kevin’s images are painstakingly recreated to capture the smallest details.

These projects are overseen, designed and authorized by Kevin personally and each has a handmade label attached providing the provenance to accompany the artwork and ensure you know that you received this directly from Kevin’s studio in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Kevin will be posting updates on social media of new designs and limited print runs as we continue to roll out the Arty Zen line #EastmanArtyZen



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