Customized KESI TMNT Ooze Canister and more … in the Arty Zen Department

JUST FOR FUN! Planning a TMNT cosplay or simply looking to mix your favorite cocktail for enjoying with your newest TMNT issue or pizza? Then look no further than this awesome GiveWave Studios original 3d printed “Ooze Booze” water canister, complete with 7 different lighted LED colors plus auto switch and auto fade modes.

Made from eco friendly PLA and super lightweight, the Ooze canister is customized especially for Kevin Eastman Studios by the AWESOME Castro at GiveWave Studios.

The tube measures 8.5″ x 2.5″ and is shipped fully assembled – you just need to add your favorite liquid of choice.

Remember that each of these is handmade and there may be slight variations. We encourage you to customize yours and send us photos too.


Ooze Animation

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