AWESOME Kickstarter Update – 3 days to go

This is it! #wereintheendgamenow – it all ends SATURDAY MORNING at 10AM est!

If you haven’t joined in yet, let’s do it today! Every single pledge now comes with a FREE Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdoll Comic, and you can add on additional copies of that, or the KS exclusive Ciro Nieli variant version for $15 a pop! We’re trying to hit our new STRETCH GOAL of $125k before it’s all over and give every backer a FREE Kevin B. Eastman 45+ page RRRR sketchbook! Let’s do it!  #lastchance!

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Ever wanted YOUR OWN VARIANT COVER ? – here’s your chance – DB VOL2 or RRRR

That’s right, you could have YOUR VERY OWN EXCLUSIVE VARIANT COVER for yourself, your comic shop, your convention, your online store, your bat mitzvah, whatever you decide, this version of the book will be available ONLY to you, to do with and sell as you please.

Are you an artist? You could draw this cover. Do you have a friend who is an artist? They could draw this cover. Do you have a favorite RRRR pin-up? I can reach out to the artist and ask if they’d be willing to have their art grace your EXCLUSIVE VARIANT COVER!

◊ Comes with 100 copies of your DRAWING BLOOD VOLUME 2 or RRRR variant with YOUR COVER.

◊ You also have the option to buy as many copies as you’d like at COST (plus shipping), for you to then sell for as much as you desire.

◊ Sketch cover paper and/or blank front or back option also available.

◊ Limited to 5. USA ONLY. $2000



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