You are currently viewing 55% funded in less than a week

55% funded in less than a week

I am sharing our Kickstarter post from earlier this week, here, to encourage all our readers to check out this campaign

What an incredible start!

55% funded in 7 days with $41K of our $75K goal raised so far! I’ve never seen a campaign start so strong! We are absolutely humbled and incredibly appreciative once again of all your support.

We assumed you’re all the HARDCORE friends and fans and have been seeing our billions of social media posts, so we wanted to give you the weekend before hitting you with an update email. But here we are on Monday morning and the race to the goal continues!

As you’ve probably realized, social media platforms like Facebook thrive on hiding posts with links and especially Kickstarter shares – They want people to pony up and buy sponsored ads – So even though some of us our posting 400 times a day to try and make new people aware of DRAWING BLOOD VOLUME 2, often times it’s our same 60 friends that see those posts. So it’s crucial at this point in the campaign to try and get the project in front of NEW people and THEIR friend circles. So, any creative ideas you have for SHARING and getting the word out to new comic fans would be HUGELY appreciated. Every share helps. You wouldn’t believe how many people we received messages from after the DBV1 campaign who somehow had never knew it happened! So thank you in advance for doing all you can to get the word out about WWW.DRAWINGBLOODCOMIC.COM ,and helping us try to hit our goal early, and make this book a reality.

So what happens if we hit the goal early? I’ll tell you!

Once we hit the goal of $75K, that means DRAWING BLOOD VOLUME 2 is happening! That amount allows us the time and funding to create the book, order the printing, and ship them all to you!

So what if we go beyond that? What’s in it for you?

Just like the DBV1 campaign, if we pass our goal, we move onto STRETCH GOALS an we unlock FREE stuff for YOU!

If we make it to $100k, every single backer over $25 gets a FREE RADICALLY REARRANGED RONIN RAGDOLLS ADVENTURE double sized comic on top of what they’ve already pledged for! What’s more, is when we unlock that FREE version of the RRRR comic, we also unlock a Kickstarter EXCLUSIVE Ciro Nieli variant cover! You may know Ciro from a little 2012 NICKELODEON show called TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!


If things really start to pick up steam, and we find our selves knocking down the door for $125K, you’ll all get a FREE RRRR CREATION SKETCHBOOK full of 45+ pages of EASTMAN ART that Kevin did when first designing the RADICALLY REARRANGED RONIN RAGDOLLS!

Here’s a sneak preview at a few of those pages…

We’ve been wanting to put out this MASSIVE sketchbook since VOLUME 1, but didn’t raise the amount we needed to make it possible, but now, with all of our new fans, and DRAWING BLOOD more in the public eye, we’re hoping we can do it!


That’s a big enough email for a Monday morning I think. I know everyone’s busy getting back to work and we don’t want to take up anymore of your time!

Thank you all so so much. Let’s keep spreading the word to new comic fans out there. They aren’t going to want to miss this! And the more traction we get, the more DRAWING BLOOD and RRRR stuff you get for you’re already backed pledge! More soon!

THANK YOU very very much, from all of us! We’re almost there!



PS: Here are some PROFILE PICTURES you can feel free to use if you’d like!


Cool beans!!!!!!!

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