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SDCC Triptych The Last Ronin Cover Set

The Last Ronin Collected Sets and Book 5 Variants

The jaw-dropping finale to the biggest TMNT story ever is here!

One final showdown between mutant and Foot Clan will determine the fate of NYC. Will the Ronin be able to find some measure of peace or is he fated to meet the same end as his brothers? Don’t miss one of the most epic battles in TMNT history and the conclusion to the comic book event of the year!

We are thrilled to be offering three variant covers to mark this epic event. Covers feature brand new collaborations between Kevin Eastman and Freddie Williams II,  Kevin and Simon Bisley and exclusively for Fan Club Members a solo Kevin cover featuring Hiroto Shredder (SOLD OUT) . These variants are all accompanied by a Tip-In-Plate also designed and featuring Kevin’s 2022 art.

Additionally we now have in stock the long awaited reprint of the 2021 SDCC triptych set with cover art by Kevin and Ben Bishop AND each of these sets, available signed and unsigned, is accompanied by a retro style hand made button featuring Kevin artwork.

Visit the Comics Department to see The Last Ronin variants. Fan Club Members should log into their Member accounts to see the Kevin Eastman exclusive covers.

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