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Whatnot March 24, 5PM Pacific

Friday 31st Whatnot Preview and Invite from Kevin_Eastman

We have a Whatnot event each Friday at 5pm pacific time and here’s a a look at some recent offerings.

We have been having a blast chatting with you and enjoying Whatnot Live streams for a few months now BUT if you haven’t checked us out yet then here’s an invitation that hard to ignore!

When you make your first purchase on Whatnot I’ll give you $10 in whatnot credit

Please join me on the livestream and hang with Zubair and his awesome  SMZ Comics crew too. Today – Friday, March 31 at 5pm Pacific time – COWABUNGA!!!!! 

Whatnot events can be bookmarked to ensure you get a reminder for each event. Our live streams are scheduled for 5pm every Friday evening.

The photos in the gallery show just some of the fun pieces I’ve been working on with Zubair recently and as always we’ll have sketches, signed books, Funko Pops, toys and so much more …

Whatnot username: Kevin_Eastman

Tonight Friday, March 31 at 5:00 pm PST

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