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5 Year Fan Club Membership Pins

Shellebrating 5 years with Fan Club Members

To thank our Kevin Eastman Fan Club Members who have been with us for 5 years we have created a very special pin which we’ll be sending out beginning this week.  Moving forward, whenever a Fan Club Members reaches the 5 Year status they’ll get this AWESOME pin too.

The pin comes in a mini hand stamped Pizza Box – Cowabunga!!!!!!!

New Memberships can be bought at any time here and include:

  1. Free downloads of my ArtoBiography, Roninbebop, Fistful of Blood & Underwhere!
  2. The ever growing gallery of my personal TMNT merchandise collection (It’s like a museum of TMNT history!)
  3. Exclusive access to variant covers of the latest IDW-TMNT comics and discounts on most items throughout the store
  4. Join NOW and you’ll receive 2 FREE KESI EXCLUSIVE Comic Books featuring Kevins cover artwork

Hi Kevin,
I wanted to say thank you very much for the comics!!! I love them and am super stoked to be in the fan club as the Artobiography was worth the price in itself! I’ve been following you since I was a kid in the 80’s. Proud to say that I’m still a TMNT fan, at 37!
–   David T, Waco TX

My husband Nick is over the moon with his prize for being in the fan club!! Thank you!
– Donna G – Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

I never knew anything like this existed. I have been a huge turtles fan since day one, I own the original series and all the movies. I am now also getting my 2 year old interested in them as well.  It’s been a life long dream to have your autograph Kevin. I can’t wait to receive the magazines in the mail.

– Jeff B. – Rome, NY

“I’ve just joined the fanclub and I couldn’t be happier !! Being a part of this is a dream. TMNT were my favorite Cartoons and my favorite comics and they still are . Thank you Kevin for giving me the best childhood with your work. Now I’m 33 years old and I enjoy it in the same way. I still can’t believe that I can be a part of this and support one of my heroes.

Greetings from Spain, Cowabunga!”

– Luis from Valencia, Spain

Hi Kevin and the team thanks for all this. This membership is complete worth it. Thanks so much. I am loving your books and I love your art thanks for being such an inspiration for me. This membership is amazing, definitely consider buying this!!

– James Y from Ontario, Canada

I’ve been a member for almost a year now. It has been worth every penny. I’ll definitely be signing up for another year.

– Roy from NC

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