6 Month Fan Club Membership

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Includes 6 month full access to…

  1. Free downloads of my ArtoBiography, Roninbebop, Fistful of Blood & Underwhere!
  2. The ever growing gallery of my personal TMNT merchandise collection (It’s like a museum of TMNT history!)
  3. Exclusive access to variant covers of the latest IDW-TMNT comics
  4. Join NOW and you’ll receive 2 FREE KESI EXCLUSIVE Comic Books featuring Kevins cover artwork

Six Month Memberships are limited to the USA and Canada

9 reviews for 6 Month Fan Club Membership

  1. Jake (verified owner)

    I spent my last $30 on this 6 month subscription. Best decision I’ve made so far this year! Well worth it for all that comes with being a Team Eastman member!

    • Kevin E.

      Thanks Jake for joining – Cowabunga!!!!

  2. krizinofskid (verified owner)

    This is amazing. I’ve been a TMNT fan since I was a kid (born in 93). I still have action figures and comics, you name it. But this, this is truly awesome. Thank you Kevin for the comics you sent me. They’re awesome and I can’t wait for The Last Ronin!!!

    • Kevin E. (verified owner)

      COWABUNGA dude!!! Thank you for your your AWESOME long time support.

  3. Jamestmnt9 (verified owner)

    Hi Kevin and the team thanks for all this. This membership is complete worth it. Thanks so much. I am loving your books and I love your art thanks for being such an inspiration for me. This membership is amazing, definitely consider buying this!!

    , James Yu

    • Kevin E. (verified owner)

      cheers James for the ringing endorsement and AWESOME support – K & Team Eastman

  4. herbertkevin4 (verified owner)

    This member club is awesome I love the comic issues you sent and will definitely extend my membership for a year when my 6 months expires.

    • Kevin E. (verified owner)

      Thanks for your Membership and super kind words.

  5. paulweatherman (verified owner)

    WOW! The discount alone is worth more than the membership cost, not to mention the extra content. I’m slowly building my TMNT collection back up, born ‘83, and I found out my wife ‘85 is down with the turtles also. Great site and great staff. I’ve purchased a few items so far and it’s obvious this isn’t just business, it’s a shared fandom. Thanks Team Eastman.

    • Kevin E. (verified owner)

      cheers mate – thanks for the very kind words and support!!!!! K & Team

  6. brieuc.bauthier (verified owner)

    I am finally a member. Thank you for what you do for the fans. thanks to all the team

    • Kevin E. (verified owner)

      Cowabunga Brieuc – thanks for your support and kind words.

  7. Trevor Keister (verified owner)

    Looking forward to what’s coming. Very excited!!!

    • Kevin E. (verified owner)

      cheers mate – thanks for joining the Fan Club

  8. tmntwes (verified owner)

    TMNT is a big part of my life and I’m glad I joined this membership, I need to renew it soon. My dad got me into TMNT by giving me his old original toys when I was young and showing me the original tv show. I plan to get every figure he had as a kid to complete my collection, I met you in Hawaii when I was 13 and I cannot wait to meet you again in Texas with my fiancé this year now being 21. Will you sign and draw a turtle on me for my first tattoo?!

  9. orlandorodriguez089 (verified owner)

    I just joined membership and 2 days later recieved goodies in the mail that was so awesome I did not expect that at all thank you this calls for a pizza! Cowabunga!!

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