UnderWhere pg. 34 Signed art, book and COA


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This wonderful tale is by Kevin Eastman and Mark Martin and features our young hero Jacob as he travels between the parallel worlds of Overwhere and Underwhere

Welcome to the world of Jacob Cody, a boy with a HUGE imagination. After moving into his grandpa’s house following his passing, Jake discovers a secret treasure map Grandpa left just for him—a guide to an incredible new world of fun and adventure, a place anyone with dreams and imagination can visit. Come along on the lighthearted exploration of this strange and awesome place, filled with new friends and thrills… all in the magical world of Underwhere!

This lusciously illustrated and charming tale was first published in 1995 and this lavish original painted artwork measures 12″ x 17″

This original page of art by Mark Martin is signed by Kevin and is accompanied by an original printing of the 1995 book including a Certificate of Authenticity also signed by Kevin providing the provenance for both the art and book.

This beautiful pairing offers a wonderful opportunity to own a stunning fully rendered page of art and the book in which the illo appears.  This book was recently re released in paperback by IDW Publishing.


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