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We have a Winner!!

Last Thursday we received an awesome email from Nick Baxter of New York who had recently ordered some books and two Signed TMNT Action Figures.

Hello, Thanks again for a great order! Everything came super fast and the packaging was amazing. This is the first time I’ve ordered since December. Was the packaging changed? I was just curious why Nozone from the Toxic Crusaders is on the backer card? I never noticed it before.  Not sure if it was an error or if it was intentional but I thought you might want it brought to your attention.”

Nick (who is usually just called Baxter) no longer has the Signed TMNT Figures he had ordered previously, so he couldn’t check his previous orders.

We wrote back letting him know the packaging has been identical since day 1 and that he was a WINNER!  To which he wrote…

What!?!?! No Way!!! That’s so freakin awesome! I’ve never won anything! I almost didn’t send the email. I figured you’d probably been emailed about it a million times. I didn’t want to be “that guy” LOL.

“OMG Is the Nozone character available LOL? I’d love to own the secret error figure! I’m willing to pay for him.”
“I’ve been a turtles fan my whole life and now my kids love them too. I was actually showing them the package when I noticed the Nozone on it. Never thought anything like this would ever happen. This is so awesome it really makes my day. I can’t wait to tell my kids in the morning!”

Since we launched the Signed TMNT Toy Line we have been waiting for one eagle eyed buyer to notice our hidden Easter egg.  Yep… Nozone is among all the characters displayed on the back of our Toy’s packaging.

For being the first to email us about this, Baxter is winning a TMNT Donatello soft head AND Kevin signed the Nozone too LOL,  and that is winging its way to Baxter too.  Here are pics of the Easter egg on the backer board, the signed Nozone and Baxter also sent us a picture of his awesome daughters in his man cave with some of their favorite turtles – COWABUNGA!!!!

It pays to be eagle eyed!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Kevin E.

      agreed – it took a lot longer for someone to reach out that we anticipated!!! LOL

  1. John

    Congratulation to Mr Baxter! That’s amazing!
    Had to check mine and am truly gutted I missed it

    1. Kevin E.

      Yep – it took a lot longer than we ever thought for someone to reach out!

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