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TMNT 100 THE Rarest Variant

Very Rare signed book and more in the Auctions Department

The rarest and hardest to find of the IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue 100 variants is now being auctioned. This SIGNED variant cover depicting Tom Waltz surrounded by the Turtles was a VERY small PRIVATE run illustrated by Kevin as a tribute to the extraordinary Tom Waltz and his incredible work on 100 issues of the TMNT.  Distributed at the IDW Holiday Party in December 2019 this is one hard to find exclusive. With an opening bid of $100 and NO RESERVE this marks a unique opportunity to add a truly enviable book to any TMNT collection. This Auction and more can be seen here. We add auctions throughout the week and ship globally twice weekly.


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  1. thesnubber82

    I missed the last auction for the tops card set. I really hope you put another up for bid. I’d love to have a new set of those. Haven’t seen those since I was a kid. Signed too! That definitely be something incredible to own.

    1. Kevin E.

      we’ll be putting another up this afternoon. Thanks for your support.

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