You are currently viewing Radical TMNT Auctions hosted on the Eastman Studios website
1984 Convention Poster with Signed TMNT Time Capsule

Radical TMNT Auctions hosted on the Eastman Studios website

We updated the Auctions pages on the K.E.Studios website again with several VERY RARE collectibles including a 1984 Convention Poster accompanied by a TMNT Time Capsule, a vintage bundle of Mirage Publishing collected books, a 1990 Signed Movie Poster, Prototype Luggage, toothbrushes, watches and more ….We are again adding new auctions daily too.
An incurable collector, Kevin needs more room to add to his wacky collections of “STUFF” so he’s making tons of vintage material available to you.

We ship everything directly from Kevin’s Northampton, Massachusetts Studio and we ship twice weekly. COWABUNGA!!!

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  1. Sawyerwest88

    Hello righteous dudes and dudets. Glad to be apart of the club. Been following the turtles since 1988. Finnally apart of the official club ! And its totally awesome. I’m not sure if yall could help me out but I have a original turtles lamp from the 80s and would love for yall to check it out and tell me what yall think of it.

    1. Kevin E.

      Thank you Sawyer for joining the Fan Club and sorry for this very tardy reply. We don’t offer appraisals etc. and there are tons of Facebook groups out there with waaaaayyyy more knowledge that we even have LOL, but email us a pictures and we’ll see what you have.
      Thanks again – K and Team Eastman

  2. cavalierboy_28

    Cowabunga awesome all around. Been a TMNT fan since 1987. Love being a member of this fan club. I started with the Turtle Force fan club in 1990. Been a member of this awesome Team Eastman fan club since 2019. Raphael is my favorite Turtle i really identified with him. Donetello is my 2nd favorite i must confess on being brain like him. One day i would love to see a live action Tmnt, Ghostbusters, Batman movie. Been dreaming about that since 1988. Cowabunga to all.

    1. Kevin E.

      Thank you Chris for your AWESOME long time support and kind words. That would be quite the movie mash up LOL. Thank you again.
      cheers K

  3. cavalierboy_28

    Good sir Kevin Eastman. I was wondering is it possible some day if you might be able to have for purchase some of the awesome photos that I’ve seen you post from the 80s and 90s. Autographed and un autographed photos would be awesome to buy like 8×10 size. Thank for your time by for now good Sir.

    1. Kevin E.

      Thanks for taking the time to write Chris and for your kind words. We may make these available at some time, but no plans currently but I’ll keep posting them on social media.

      cowabunga – K and Team Eastman

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