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The Mohawk Poll

Thank you all for participating!

The numbers are in and Don (purple) won hands down with nearly 40% of the vote.

So on Thursday, March 15th, I had my mohawk dyed PURPLE!

Mom is so proud!

Drawing Blood Comic – The Bet

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  1. Amanda Jo

    I had to go purple, but then again I am SUPER biased! Might I recommend Pravana Vivids in violet? It’s been doing well for me and my bangs for years! I really hope it’s like this when you come to Slidell, I’d love to get a purple photo with you. ^_^

  2. Michael

    Totally purple, Kevin! Cowabunga brah -kaptainmyke

  3. Michael

    Let’s go RED!!! I see purple is winning…I like purple, but then you’d be walking around like Bebop. Soooooo, if purple wins, let’s make a contingency plan where you also have to wear purple sunglasses and carry around a stereo (with batteries!) on your down time. You want retro? You may spark a whole new come-back movement lol!

  4. John

    hard choice between red and orange!

    Had to go for orange!

  5. Ethan

    Orange would be pretty awesome, but i think purple would look best 🙂

  6. Michael

    Purple will make Kevin look like Bebop, orange will make him look like Mad Sweeney from American Gods, blue will make him look like Chu from Yu Yu Hakusho or Sonic the Hedgehog, red will make him look like Rufio or a spartan.

    Only solution…dye it turtle GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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