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My just colored/finished RI Cover The Last Ronin 5

Thank You All – Last Ronin

Sending out a massive THANK YOU to all my incredible fans who have supported Last Ronin – you have had the hardest job of all… waiting for it. 
Your patience has meant the world to me personally, equally so for the BRILLIANT team who has been here in the trenches with me for nearly three years now bringing this beautiful beast to life. 
Pete, Tom, Esau, Isaac, Ben, Luis, Bobby and Shawn – with everyone IDW and Nickelodeon – this book wouldn’t be possible without you. 
Hang in there gang – the END is indeed very near.
Kevin Eastman 
March 4th
My just colored/finished RI Cover The Last Ronin 5

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  1. Thulsadoom426

    This story has been incredible and the artwork has been fantastic! Well worth the wait!

  2. darrell.dilsaver85

    No thank you for everything you have given to us over the years. Been a great story and can’t wait for the epic conclusion to this great story. Can’t wait to see you at Lexington comic con. Rock on!!!

    1. Kevin E.

      Thank you Darrell for the very kind words of support – see you in Lexington.

  3. SweetTeaLulu02

    I never got a chance to read the issues since they have always been sold out or not available around where I live, sadly. I’ve been holding out hope for a hardcover collection. Please tell me we’re getting one one day

    1. Kevin E.

      yes SweetTea there will be a collected Last Ronin. No date yet but definitely yes. Thanks for your support.

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