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Todd W. Langen and Kevin - Orlando 2023

Shellebrating 40 Years of TMNT – more true movie facts

A wonderful 40th Anniversary moment! – from Kevin Eastman

As I have been going through a lot of awesome past as well as some more recent images this year, enjoying ALL those amazing memories – I was super excited to repost this image of re-uniting with #TMNT MOVIE #1 (AND #2) WRITER – Todd W. Langen in Orlando at the 2023 Fan Fest last year.

What a great guy and and amazing writer who worked along side Peter and I, and the incredible director Steve Barron to adapt our original comics into a story filled with all the heart and soul and martial arts action – everything we wanted and hoped for in a TMNT film – to real life on the big screen!

Thank you Todd – a true hero of the film, a GREAT writer, and real friend of the TMNT’s.
Thrilled to share this memory with the fans – and here’s a few more cool moments from back in the day – as well and cool shot of Steve, Mike Turney (Danny), and I at a screening together back in 2012.

Happy 40th everyone – more true facts right from the source to come!

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