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Sakai Eastman Cover Set – Back In Stock

In this 35th anniversary year of BOTH Usagi Yojimbo AND TMNT  Stan Sakai revisits the very first Usagi story, “The Goblin of Adachigahara”, expanding it from 8 to 24 pages and adding new insights into the characters and events, as well as revealing the reason for Usagi’s pilgrimage back home. Kevin is celebrating the 100th issue of TMNT by IDW Publishing.

This unique combination of books is offered as a set and we have both Signed and Unsigned Sets available. When we first had these in stock in December they sold out in a matter of one evening.  We recommend you grab these now!!!

  • Kevin Eastman and Stan Sakai (cover artists)
  • Dogū Merchandising
  • Virgin Variant Cover
  • This two-part cover forms one image when joined together – co-drawn with Kevin Eastman and Stan Sakai.
  • Layouts by Stan Sakai, with the TMNT #100 cover inked by Sakai and the Usagi Yojimbo #6 cover tightened up and inked by Eastman.

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