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We only have a few of these beauties left and they do show a touch of damage on the corners so we are discounting these to an unbelievable just $250

When we visited the fantastic convention in St. Petersburg in June 2017, we knew they had created a Russian language Variant Book exclusively for the show and that JUST 300 were to be printed.  What we didn’t know was that this was a tome, a full 584 pages of glorious color.  The cover was created by Kevin exclusively for the convention and was colored by our favorite colorist – Tamas Varga.

This stunning – I mean stunning – book is hard cover, it weighs over 5 lbs, is gorgeously bound and includes issue 1-16 of the IDW series, the micro series stories 1-7 and a stellar 20 page gallery of covers.

We secured a very small number of these stunning books and shipped them to the states. We are making these available for the first time outside Russia.  This tome is accompanied by a fantastic reissue of the movie book from 1990.

Kevin has signed the movie book cover with a headsketch but WOW – inside the collected volume he has produced a gorgeous original work of art featuring all four turtles.

These are RARE, really RARE.  We were stunned and know you will be too.

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