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Redesigned TMNT Toy Belts

The Signed Collectible TMNT Toys we offer have been a hit since we first launched these a couple of years ago. I try to sign these as often as I can and we usually offer a new batch each week.

Fans have long felt that the belts the guys wore from 1988 on have been a weak point of the toys. Even if the dog didn’t eat them (and we’ve never had a solution for that), the belts were supremely hard to take off and then reattach. So they got lost and were often never reunited with the guys.

Team Eastman is now offering an AWESOME SOLUTION! We’ve been working with skilled sculptors and artists, Ben Asselin and Nick Littlefield to redesign the belts and we are unveiling the first of these now.

These are Team Eastman EXCLUSIVE belts and are wicked limited. We’ve paired them with both soft head and traditional toys and are making them available here for the VERY FIRST TIME!

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