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REDCON-1 Set for Release

Kevin Eastman – among the Executive Producers –

For Immediate Release

REDCON-1 to receive unique UK theatrical tour including Vue sites
Film now acquired for distribution by 101 Films and Intense Distribution

Trailer breaks to huge organic social media reaction
Directed by:
Executive Produced by
CARLOS GALLARDO ( El Mariachi , Desperado, Once Upon A Time In Mexico )
STEPHEN L’HEUREUX ( Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For )
KEVIN EASTMAN (co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles )


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London, 13th August 2018: After years of hand-crafting his passion project, independent director Chee
Keong Cheung’s REDCON-1 is now complete and has been acquired for distribution in the UK and Ireland by
101 Films and Intense Distribution. 101 Films is one of the UK’s fastest-growing independent entertainment
labels, while Intense Distribution is the distribution arm of Chee’s own Intense Productions. The two are
working together in a collaboration to bring REDCON-1 to British audiences.

Taking a unique approach to promoting the film, REDCON-1 will be going on tour around the UK as a series
of event screenings starting from 28th September. The film is currently confirmed for 70 screenings across
28 UK cities, with more to be added to the tour.

Chee Keong Cheung is spearheading the tour initiative which will include in some locations talent attending,
Q&As, zombie walks, make up workshops, film masterclasses and much more. “I’m truly excited to have
caught the attention of Vue cinemas who are coming on board as a key partner for this unique effort.’ said

Dean Cross, Film Content Manager, Vue UK & Ireland commented “We’re delighted to be working with Chee
to bring REDCON-1 to a number of our venues across the UK and look forward to welcoming customers to
enjoy the film on the big screen.”

Chee’s journey to start securing theatrical distribution saw him initially get indie cinemas on board and he
said, “I am most grateful to have had early support from venues including The Grosvenor in Glasgow,
Waterfront in Greenock, Contemporary Arts Centre in Dundee, Stockport Plaza in Stockport, The Film Unit
in Sheffield, Hebden Bridge Picture House in Hebden Bridge, The QUAD in Derby, The Stafford Cinema in
Stafford and the Electric Palace Picture House in Cannock. I’m in talks with more and I’m excited to also be in
talks with the Reel and Showcase chains.”

About REDCON-1
“Some years ago I wondered what would happen if zombies could retain some of their previous life skills…
What if they were combat based? And how would a small troop of soldiers survive being sent into the heart
of a seething mass of the undead, who don’t just bite… they fight back too.”

With that notion began Chee’s journey to realise REDCON-1 – a unique fusion of action, zombie horror and
war, with the added element of mixed martial arts, over 1,500 extras and a mass of military hardware.
Chee set out to film across the UK in the end covering over 12 cities and within those creating great
fanbases. “I wanted to build in a roots audience so that cinemas could be confident of people showing up
and by the same token ensure that the community we’ve built up could get their big screen experience and
indeed that we can meet them again!”

This inbuilt audience has already shown itself as Chee explained, “Reaction to the trailer has been incredible.
After a brace of top genre sites picked it up we put it out on our Redcon1Film Facebook page last Friday 10th
August and within 48 hours with no spend at all – so purely organic reach – we had over 50k views and added
another 1k likes to the page. It’s an amazing start and really is going to help motivate an enormous push to
the release.”

Before the vindication of this breaking reaction, Chee’s extensive planned activity brought 101 Films on
board as a distributor as Andy Lyon, Managing Director explained, “We’ve been following director Chee
Keong Cheung and taken an interest in his impressive action packed film REDCON-1 for some time now and
are really excited to be teaming up with Chee to help bring his epic passion project to UK audiences. With
the unique strategy planned for the film and the extensive outreach to different fan bases, it will certainly
make this title one to watch.”

Cast & Crew
A number of high profile creatives were also instrumental in bringing the film to the big screen, including;
Director of Photography LORENZO LEVRINI (‘How to be Human’); acclaimed Storyboard Artist DAVID
RUSSELL (‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi’, ‘Terminator 2’); Film Editors ALEX FENN (‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’,
‘Angel Has Fallen’, ‘I Am Not a Witch’), MARTIN HUNTER (‘Full Metal Jacket’, ‘Mortal Kombat’, ‘Underworld’)
and CHRIS GILL (‘28 Days Later’, ‘28 Weeks Later’); colorist MAX HORTON (‘Gravity’, ‘Troy’, ‘Shaun of the
Dead’) and acting as Military Advisor was TERRY CROSBY, a former senior Sergeant Major in the British Army
who has served in many hostile environments such as Northern Ireland, Iraq and Bosnia.
In REDCON-1, Eight Special Forces soldiers are sent on a suicide mission into the zombie-infested remains of
the UK, to find a scientist who may hold the key to ending the viral outbreak that has turned the population
into flesh-eating undead.

The talented cast of ‘Redcon-1’ includes ORIS ERHUERO (‘Strike Back’, ‘Sometimes In April’); CARLOS
GALLARDO (‘El Mariachi’, ‘Desperado’, ‘Planet Terror’); AKIRA KOIEYAMA (‘Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist’,
‘The Last Samurai’, ‘Sense8’); MARK STRANGE (‘Batman Begins’, ‘Best Laid Plans’, ‘Stan Lee’s Lucky Man’);
KATARINA WATERS (former WWE and TNA Wrestler); MARTYN FORD (‘Boyka: Undisputed’, ‘Kingsman: The
Golden Circle’) and EUAN MACNAUGHTON (‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’).

The film has attracted some of the world’s most acclaimed and commercially successful creative
Producers supporting Chee’s unique vision including CARLOS GALLARDO, producer of the ‘El Mariachi’
trilogy; KEVIN EASTMAN, editor and publisher of Heavy Metal Publishing and co-creator of ‘Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles’; STEPHEN L’HEUREUX, producer of Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’;
MARK STRANGE, a huge UK talent with numerous acting and producing roles to his name including
‘Twins Effect’, ‘Batman Begins’, ‘Displaced’ and ‘Bodyguard: A Beginning’; and IOANNA KARAVELA who
has over 11 years experience in the industry, having worked across a wide range of productions from
factual documentaries to feature length films, including the award winning thriller ‘Eliminate: Archie
Cookson.’ Executive Producers include PATRICK EWALD, SHAKED BERENSON, ROB WESTON and PAT

International sales are being handled by Epic Pictures Group ( Turbo Kid, Jeruzalem, Tales of Halloween, Nina
Forever ) .

For further information please contact Fetch Publicity – Tom Hewson at or Almar Haflidason

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