Shellebrating 35 Years with $35 Signed Toys

The Signed Action Figures Department is again busting at the seams with TOTALLY TURTLEY bargains.  As we continue to Shellebrate 35 Years of all things Turtles we have added a number of Signed Toys for just $35.

These toys are all signed but they DO NOT come with weapons or accessories and they may have dings and dents.  Just like yours I am sure, a ton of my toys are missing stuff.  For example, this

MASTER SLICER WITH THE TWIN KATANA SWORDS, HAS NO SWORDS – Bummer! but look at it as a challenge to remedy!!!

I often get asked about my personal TMNT toy collection. I love all these Radically, Goofy, Whacky, Rock’n Rollin’, Mutated, Kick-Action, Pizza Powered figures AND I am making some of them available for you.

**Please note that the $35 signed toys are NOT eligible for Fan Club Membership discounts but other signed TMNT toys and vignettes in this department are.


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  1. hargrove_ryan

    Will you have any more of these in stock? Would love one!

    1. Kevin E.

      we hope to post some more this week – Cowabunga!!!!!!!

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