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After 35 Years I am Self Publishing again!!!!!

When you next go into your local store to pick up your regular pull and see what else is new PLEASE ask your store owner to order Drawing Blood Comic and the Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls from their latest PREVIEWS catalog Diamond Comic Distributors. Hey grab yourself a catalog too and read the interview with me about 35 years of the TMNT and returning to self publishing.

Each of these 7 books will be available on May 8 BUT your friendly store owner needs to order them this month. Please give them a gentle nudge and remind them that you want to see these on their shelves in May.

PLUS – if I know that a store has ordered these titles I will give them a plug on my social media letting all my fans know they can catch these titles at their store AND bonus, bonus too – each of these variant covers is available in any number – these are NOT pricey Retailer Variant copies – your store can buy whatever quantities thy want.



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