You are currently viewing My DRAWING BLOOD Kickstarter TODAY!!!!!!

My DRAWING BLOOD Kickstarter TODAY!!!!!!


Here is the link!

I am beyond excited to announce that my first ever Kickstarter Project will launch TODAY!

Visit my social media for links for interviews and reviews of the project to date.  But most importantly, LOG ONTO KICKSTARTER  TODAY…

Kevin Eastman’s Drawing Blood – 2 pm Eastern USA – 11 am Western USA

That’s 7pm for you UK fans and 8pm for my European pals. and I think its sometime on Wednesday for those of you farther afield.

I started out in independent publishing, making comics out of my living room and getting them directly to the readers, and it feels good to be back. We’re all very passionate about this project, about telling the story of Shane Bookman, and your help means the world to us.

We want to tell you the Totally Fictional True Story of Shane Bookman and the

Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls

Kevin Eastman and David Avallone – Co-Creators
Ben Bishop – Main Artist  |  Troy Little – Additional Art
Brittany Peer – Colorist  |  Taylor Esposito – Letterer

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  1. Michael

    Kevin, It’s a great thing what you and your constituents are doing for Shane. I will be making a donation at some point this week and hope you have a lot of success with it! Humanity will always prevail so long as people like you are still on this Earth. Kudos and GOOD LUCK!!

    1. Kevin E.

      Thank you for the generous comments, you are too kind. Many thanks for your years of support.

  2. Michael

    BTW, anyone else immediately think of the Seinfeld episode “The Library” when they read the name Bookman? Not to mention the humor of the episode was his last name in relation to his job, whereas Shane Bookman is/was a comic BOOK creator? HA!!!


    Hello Kevin! I’m in chose tmnt mystery box and thinking about another pledge! Amazing project, good luck and collect as much money as possible! Wrote a message with a question in kickstarter.

    1. Kevin E.

      Thanks for supporting this campaign Aleksandr

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