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Live from the Turtle Lounge

May 5 – LIVE from the Turtle Lounge

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 5 at 5pm _Pacific/8pm Eastern  Kevin will host another Facebook LIVE from the Turtle Lounge.  He’ll take questions and chat about the first convention he and Peter Laird attended after the release of TMNT Book 1, on the 36th anniversary of the Portsmouth NH Mini-con. The con was held at the Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge on the traffic circle, in Portsmouth, NH May 5, 1984. Kevin and Courtney, who will be running the dashboard and noting questions and comments, will also be joined by a couple of very dear and nerdy friends.

First Ralph DiBernardo, the owner of JETPACK COMCS of Rochester NH who organized that first convention and was and has continued to be a massive supporter of the TMNT AND the first store to carry the TMNT books. He and Kevin will reminisce about that show and the current state of the comic industry.

Then Nyambi Nyambi will join the conversation. Nyambi is an actor, probably best known for his roles on Mike and Molly and The Good Fight. He’s also a comic book aficionado and avid gamer, writes and draws in his spare time and currently has several published works as an author. He contributed a poem to the Eisner Award-winning graphic novel Love is Love, which continues to donate all proceeds to various charities in honor of the victims and their families of the Orlando Pulse shooting.

Kevin will be sketching LIVE throughout and the finished work will be auctioned separately with proceeds going to the BINC Charitable Foundation. The Book Industry Charitable Foundation is assisting bookstore employees & comic retailers facing hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic

So – why not grab yerself some pizza and a drink and join Kevin and some friends in the Turtle Lounge and lets have fun together, enjoying things we all love while maintaining good social distancing practices. COWABUNGA!!!

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