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TMNT TPB Collected Volume 6 Cover Rough - Corben Tribute

Lots of New Original Art

We are thrilled to be offering a selection of original Kevin Eastman artwork to the IDW Department of the Original Artwork Store on the website.

These are cover roughs which Kevin produces as part of his  creative process while working on final book cover designs for his ongoing contributions to the TMNT publications. The TMNT Original work of art are accompanied by a TMNT Time Capsule – a hand assembled package which includes a signed  Turtle Tracks letter of thanks from Kevin, a photograph and a history of highlights in the life of the TMNT.

As Kevin says “by including the Time Capsule package from me, the world knows exactly where you got this art and allows me to thank you for your purchase”.

The non TMNT Cover Works are accompanied by a Signed Certificate of Authenticity with a hologram label of provenance.

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