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Free Copy of TMNT 33, Corben’s “Turtles Take Time”

Published in June of 1990 this is TMNT Book 33 featuring the extraordinary work of Richard Corben and Jan Strnad.

This book is an original First Printing and is just $10 .  This book is NOT signed.

*** For a limited time if you make a book, art or toy purchase of $15.00 or more in our store, we will add a complimentary copy of this beauty to your order.  This offer is subject to availability and limited to one copy per customer.

Please also visit the Early Turtles Archives to enjoy the making of this book.

These books are currently out of stock but we have some more in deep storage and s soon as we have them at the studio we shall make this offer available again.

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  1. iceman34

    Hope that there are still some left! Just signed up for my 1 year membership and bought some awesome members only prints . I can’t wait to get my goodie box from Eastman Studios. It will truly be an honor to finally own some hand signed stuff from Kevin along with my fan club badge. Turtles have been in my life for 28 years now and there is nothing better then watching my son play with the same figures and play sets that I had as a kid(thanks mom in heaven for saving this stuff) When I found the box that I thought was lost that had my original toys buried on the bottom it melted my heart. Some of these TMNT figures sit on my office desk so I can see them everyday so it could remind me of my parents who I’ve lost. Turtles mean more to me then just toys or shows, it’s a tunnel into some memories that’s I’ll never forget. And if Kevin ever reads this I want to say thank you for all the work you’ve done and continue to do. My life wouldn’t be the same without TMNT. Every time I go to a toy show and find another figure I don’t have it’s like I’m 6 walking down the toys aisles hoping my mom would buy me just one figure. I leave with this….Cowabunga!

    1. Kevin E.

      Thank you for reaching out with your VERY VERY kind words. The Corben book was enclosed – love that fun early edition. I hope you enjoy being a member of the Fan Club – it is great bunch of folks. I shall leave you with this … Thank You!!!! COWABUNGA!

  2. mejiamarlon87

    I placed an order on the 34th anniversary and just received it. Love everything that came with it but I did not receive corbens copy are you all out of them was really looking forward to add this to ever growing collection of the turtles.

    1. Kevin E.

      Hi Marlon – sorry that the Corben book wasn’t included. We made that offer on April 24 and the sale was 5 and we had used all that we had, they were understandably super popular. We have since requested more from storage and as soon as we have them at the studios we will make them available again. On your next order please make a note requesting we include the Corben 33.

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