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Elektra Black, White and Blood

This is a lengthy post but I want to ensure I give credit where credit is due.

Regarding the Elektra Black, White and Blood with Freddie Williams and published by Marvel.

I want to send out a special thanks to all the folks at Marvel that accommodated some pretty tough scheduling issues for both Freddie Williams and I to allow this story to happen. As always, had “the best time ever” working with Freddie developing and executing the story and cover – a amazingly gifted artist and storyteller – after breaking down a basic concept of what we wanted to tell – the inner battle between the three sides of Elektra’s character over the years – I wanted to find a public domain poem or series quotes on facing one’s self, as well as imminent death that would be appropriate for the feeling we wanted the story to have.

There were two that I liked, one by Shakespeare, and one by Alan Seeger – the latter we both agree hands down was fitting. Here are both poems, but most importantly we wanted to fully acknowledge and credit Seeger’s heartbreaking words (who’s byline was inadvertently left off the printed work) as well as thank him, and all our men and women willing to give their ALL, when called upon for the hope of greater peace in the time of disaster and need. Bless you all

Here’s a link to a bio of Alan Seeger:

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