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Jill Lopez Bishop and Birch are not kitten around- they love this tee

Drawing Blood Comic, Ronin Ragdolls and more …

The remaining overstock inventory of the Drawing Blood trade paperback and Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls (RRRR) one-shot is moving fast! We still have some copies left over after the uber successful Kickstarter we ran – thanks to the BEST BACKERS in the world. Pick one up if you missed it!

And have you heard the news? Kevin Eastman Studios will soon be self-publishing Drawing Blood as a monthly comic! COOL BEANS!!!!!!!!!

Starting in May, Drawing Blood #1 AND the RRRR special origin one-shot will both be hitting your Local Comic Store (LCS) and ComiXology. DB #1 will be a reprint of the first chapter of the previously Kickstarter-only trade paperback, with the rest of the chapters coming out every month, and — do the math — that means by September you will be seeing NEW chapters of Drawing Blood previously available NOWHERE. David Avallone is already writing Drawing Blood issue #5 AND additional Ragdolls material, too! Kevin and Ben and Troy are champing at the bit to start drawing the all-new issues!

All these comics will be coming with brand new covers, and super cool variants from amazing artists! (We’ll tell you who soon, promise! Hint: they’ve drawn turtles and rabbits…)

Tell your LCS owners to check out the March issue of PREVIEWS where they can order the new book line and enjoy a feature on KESI and Drawing Blood Comic. Plus an exclusive Eastman interview and behind the scenes pics straight from Kevin’s desk.

You can scoop up copies of the remaining inventory we have in the Drawing Blood Department at my store AND grab a groovy cool RRRR tee to show your support.

These are now just $14 and we are quickly running out of some sizes. This is the VERY FIRST Ragdolls tee we produced and these will not be available again.

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