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Cowabunga Downunda

Team Eastman is looking forward to our trip to Australia in March. We do not have the signing times etc. finalized at this time but we will post details closer to the dates. We will be in Melbourne on March 7-8 and the Gold Coast show on the 13 -14. Supanova Comic Con & Gaming – Cowabunga Downunda! 👍😀🍕

Our 2020 Tour Schedule


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  1. tayloraj74

    After being a 30 year long fan I, and my 9yo son even more so look forward to meeting Kevin. From the rpg and Heavy Metal and IDW to my son loving the Archie series, can’t wait to see Kevin in Melbourne!

    1. Kevin E.

      cheers mate – we too look forward to being at the 2 shows soon.

  2. don_donato

    Any plans for a Sydney visit?

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