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Coming in April Order NOW!!!

Coming in April! The collected first volume of Drawing Blood Comic and the origin issue of the RADICALLY REARRANGED RONIN RAGDOLLS!


For Comics Fans “Coming in April” means… stop by your Local Comic Shop today and let them know you want it.  If you’re a comic shop regular, taking this little step of prompting them means EVERYTHING to an indie comic with no advertising budget. Seriously.


 DB created by me and David Avallone! Art by Ben Bishop, with Kevin and Troy Little! Letterer TaylorEsposito! Colors by Brittany Peer and Varga Tamás!


 If you are a Comic Shop Owner please use Diamond ORDER CODE FEB201837 F DRAWING BLOOD TP to carry this title and please email and let us know you will be carrying it!  We’ll let our fans know to knock on your door in April and, of course, you will have our eternal thanks too!




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