Classic Mirage Wraparounds

Classic Mirage wraparound covers are back in stock and each is signed. An ideal gift for a classic TMNT fan. Visit the Signed Stuff Department on my website.

Buy all four of these classic Mirage Studios wrap around covers as a bundle – each signed by Kevin and save $$$

A bundle of these beauties will provide you with 4 glorious gifts for the classic TMNT fans in your life.

Each is signed by Kevin Eastman and this bundle ships rolled.

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  • Jeremycasiano55
    11 months ago

    I just wanted to say that I started collecting last February as a way to cope with stress. With that being said, what is more cool than collecting TMNT!!? I had the great pleasure of meeting Kevin in Canton, Ohio. He signed my 12” Android Krang that I had as a kid, and a 2015 SDCC Mondo poster by “ Jock”. I was impressed with how nice and genuine he was! I’ve met other celebrities and was pretty disappointed with how they were as people once the cameras were off. If somehow Kevin gets this message, I just wanted to tell him Thank You!! I basically stood there when I met him in Canton and didn’t say much lol.. I was shell shocked, ok?? – Jeremy Casiano – age 31

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