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Batman/TMNT Original Artwork

This is an unprecedented release of original artwork from Kevin Eastman Studios.  17 cover concept designs for the phenomenally popular Batman TMNT Volume II crossover are available now.  17, yup 17 PLUS 6 finalized concept roughs, meaning these were the selected roughs from which the final pen and inks were created.  These 6 are accompanied by a signed copy of the published book too and of course these works all come with a TMNT Time Capsule providing you the provenance for these originals.

PLUS PLUS the final pen and ink covers by Kevin for issues 2 and 3.  These exquisite covers were created in 2017 and the books published in 2018.

All these works are shipped from Kevin Eastman Studios in Northampton, MA

See all of these stunning works in the Art Department now!

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