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Green-Grey Sponge-Suit Sushi Turtles – A Shellebration

I LOVE – LOVE – LOVE this book!

Mark Martin, a dear friend, super-funny guy and UBER talented artist did this parody back in 1990 when we were releasing the very first TMNT movie. What better way to start the 30th anniversary celebration of the first movie than to have another look (or first-time look) at this awesome, hilarious classic.

Over the next few days, Team Eastman will be making galleries available to you for FREE viewing and pdf download. The galleries will link to pages for you to access the original book, shorts from Turtle Soup (and original art from both!), Mark’s original toy designs and, finally, a brand new, never-before-seen 7-page comic Mid-Life Burnout Sushi Turtles... Tell all of your friends!  Enjoy!!

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