You are currently viewing 48 Hour 20% OFF Original Art Sale

48 Hour 20% OFF Original Art Sale

We have added several new original works of art to the Art Department on the website.

Original works of art by Kevin are a VERY, VERY special treat to yourself.  Each original work of art we offer here is accompanied by either  a Certificate of Authenticity or a TMNT Time Capsule.  These provide the provenance that your original is coming straight from Kevins Northampton studio.

For the next 48 hours we are offering a WHOPPING 20% off Original Works of Art

(Pages from Raphael 1 are NOT included in the sale.)

The sale will end at 6 pm on Wednesday , May 13 eastern time

This gallery comprises a small selection of the over 200 original works of art we have available.

Works are offered from the early days of Mirage Studios, Batman crossovers, Marvel works, cover roughs and finished works right up to and including the cover for TMNT issue 104.



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  1. hampstendominic

    I’m a new member . I have a pretty good collection going but could never really have enough Lol . TMNT was my getaway as a kid going through a rocky childhood . My mom didn’t have the money to take us to the 1990 movie but she got us the VHS movie . I love everything about TMNT. Wish I could post my collection . Thanks Kevin and Peter for the creation of the best fictional characters of all time . Can’t want for the last ronin !!!

    1. Kevin E.

      Thank you Domenic for your AWESOME support and super kind words. So thrilled to have you as a Fan Club Member and am so honored to read that the TMNT helped during your growing up. Maybe you could join one of the social media TMNT fan groups where members do often post their collections and chat with fellow fans about the TMNT. There are lots of these groups out there and they are so supportive of fellow members. Stay safe dude and thank you again. COWABUNGA!!!

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