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Kevin and Team Eastman 2023 Tour

2023 Eastman Tour Schedule

Our Final Show of 2023

Rhode Island Comic Con – Providence, RI
November 4 & 5


It has been a nutsy, busy year of international travel and we are waaayyyy excited to see so many east coast fans at our final show of the 2023 Tour Season in lovely Providence Rhode Island in November.


Kevin and Team Eastman 2023 Tour



Past 2023 Shows:

Planet ComicCon – Kansas City, MO – March 18 & 19

C2E2 – Chicago, IL March 31 & April 1

SC Comicon – Greenville, SC April 15 & 16

Amazing Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV, April 19 & 30

Lake Como Comic Art Festival – Villa Erba, Cernobbio, Italy  May 12-14

Supanova, Sydney Eastman Details – Sydney, Australia
June 17 – 18

Supanova, Perth Details – Perth, Australia
June 24 – 25

Comic Con International – San Diego, CA
July 19-23

Fanboy Expo Orlando – Orlando, FL
September 2 & 3

Memphis Comic Expo – Memphis, TN
September 23 & 24

New York Comic Con – NYC, NY
October 12-15


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  1. carlosnhernandez14

    When will the 2023 tour tees be available

    1. Kevin E.

      We are working on them now but we are also tweaking the schedule and adding a couple of shows so give us another week or so and we should be ready to go – Cowabunga!!!

      1. aifrye89

        Will you be at Wonder Con this year? I know it’s not listed on the schedule, but seeing you there is always awesome!

        1. Kevin E.

          WonderCon isn’t scheduled for 2023 but you never know – close to home and maybe but we have shows on either side of it too.

  2. carlosnhernandez14

    Are autographs available in person or online only at c2e2 . They are sold out online from what I see?

  3. elijaharri

    How many items do you usually sign at a Con event?

    1. Kevin E.

      All those decisions are made by the shows. We don’t make the policies on how many items someone can bring to the show or pricing or signing times. Recommend you check on the show websites and social and reach out to the organizers directly for the policies for their show.

  4. stabbmaster

    The website is being a bit wonky and I can’t find any details, just wanted to confirm that there’s going to be Autograph signing in the Orlando Fanboy Expo and on what days.

    1. Kevin E.

      Hi there – yes to signing in Orlando in the fall – definitely, on both September 2 and 3 – Saturday and Sunday. Times, prices, number of items that can be brought in for signing – all those gory details need to be asked of the convention themselves and I am sure that closer to the date they will have decided on their policies. Sorry – we don’t make those rules that’s all up to the shows.

      1. stabbmaster

        No worries, confirmation that it’s going to happen is good enough for me. I’ve only got two vintage posters so I think between the kid and I we’ll be within limits.

  5. m-beardsley

    Will there be any more CGC in-house signing with Eastman or the rest from the last ronin crew?

    1. Kevin E.

      We are sure there will be another signing event BUT nothing is scheduled at this time for 2023.

  6. sapper.bvlv

    Hello–will there be a price for signatures at amazing con or will it be donations for signatures. I ask this because amazing con never puts out that kind of information. Thank you for everything you do!!

    1. Kevin E.

      Hi there – apologies for the delay of our reply. There will be a charge yes, but what that pricing is we don’t know. Please reach out to the convention organizers directly to get information about all pricing, tickets, signing times etc.

  7. joshtoscano87

    Will Melbourne, Australia be making the list for Supanova, or just Sydney and Perth so far?

    Would definitely go if you guys are heading to Melbourne.

    1. Kevin E.

      Hi there – no we aren’t attending Melbourne this year. Our trip to Australia is set for June and includes Sydney and Perth shows.

      cheers – Team Eastman

    1. Kevin E.

      Sorry but Texas has been cancelled

  8. Joao Paulo Carvalho

    Hello mr eastman, any chance of you coming to Brazil at CCXP23?

    1. Kevin E.

      Sorry – not this year – we are already booked for 2023.

  9. greenmn54b

    Thanks for coming to Greenville SC. Me and my brother had a Blast and got to meet you. I love my SDCC Shredder and Splinter you autographed for me and him! Your the best and made our day! Hope to see you again in the future cons!

    1. Kevin E.

      Thanks for joining us and thank you for your kind words!

  10. Kaden Wilson

    Any hope of coming to Canada at some point?

    1. Kevin E.

      We don’t have Canada on our 2023 schedule BUT ya never know what 2024 may bring – we always enjoy our visits to Canadian shows.

  11. Paul Arber

    Hi first timer big big fan. Just wondering if you would be coming to the UK any time soon . Please put it in your schedule for next year

    1. Kevin E.

      Hi there Paul – we don’t have the UK on our 2023 schedule – our 2023 European show was in Lake Como Italy recently. We love visiting the UK shows and hope to be there again soon – COWABUNGA!!!

  12. dccagefighter

    Please come to motor city comic con 2024!

  13. mrousseau22

    Hi Kevin! Are you coming to Montreal this year for the Montreal Comiccon?

  14. Mark

    Will you ever make it out to any CT cons in the future?

  15. Philip Mannausa Jr.

    Hello Kevin,
    Been a long time fan of TMNT! I saw that you are not scheduled this year for NW Ohio or SE Michigan areas. Im sure you’re very busy, however do you have plans to ever visit this area? Preferably SE Michigan area? Meeting you in person would mean a whole lot, and would be an awesome experience! Thank you.

  16. jamesgeo85

    Hi Kevin,

    Do you have any plans to head to the UK for any conventions? It’d be amazing to meet you! Best wishes, James

    1. Kevin E.

      The UK isn’t on our 2023 tour schedule but we always enjoy visiting the UK and have enjoyed shows there in the past.

  17. billysmallwoodisawesome

    Will you be at retro expo in texas for the tmnt convention with the original 1990 movie turtles on September 16 and 17th?

    1. Kevin E.

      This show is not on our schedule – enjoy the show.

  18. moderntoyfare

    Have your reservations for NYCC already go up? I can’t find them on their site

    1. Kevin E.

      We will be working directly with SMZ comics for the NYCC show and will post details as soon as they are nailed down.

      cheers – Team Eastman

  19. dfalconee

    any updates with SMZ?? plus do you take commissions before a show so they are ready once they arrive?

    1. Kevin E.

      Sorry, Kevin is not taking any commissions at this time. Kevin will be with SMZ comics in Artist Alley at the NYCC – Table A-44
      Hope to see you there.

  20. jrvasey

    Does Mr. Eastman do the quick turtle remarks in person at cons?

    1. Kevin E.

      Yes he offers straight signatures and signatures with the TMNT headsketch

  21. judoroe

    what shows are you planning on attending in 2024. Im new to this whole thing but been a Turtle fan since i was a boy. new to collecting and new to these shows. would love to meet you.

    1. Kevin E.

      Hi there, thanks for your AWESOME support and kind words – we will be posting our 2024 global tour dates in just a couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

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