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    A spectacular range of signed prints showcasing Kevin's history with the TMNT and other characters - all on high quality stock.
  • Signed Animation Art

    Signed Animation Art (23)

    Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle production cels from the Murakami Wolf Swenson (MWS) Collection - Signed with a Turtle Headsketch Remarque by Kevin Eastman in 2023 and accompanied by both a MWS Certificate of Authenticity and also a Kevin Eastman Studios 2023 Hologram Label of Authenticity.
  • Comics

    Comics (317)

    Tons of Comics - Signed and Unsigned
  • Team Eastman Exclusives

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    Exclusive Team Eastman Stuff
  • NECA Toys

    NECA Toys (21)

    Buy any SIGNED NECA Toy NOW and we'll include a FREEBIE  set of Eastman Designed Stickers - a $20 Value - Woot!!!! This AWESOME offer runs for the next week and the FREEBIE Sticker set is limited to one set per customer
  • Signed TMNT Action Figures

    Signed TMNT Action Figures (12)

    I often get asked about my personal TMNT toy collection. I love all these Radically, Goofy, Whacky, Rock’n Rollin’, Mutated, Kick-Action, Pizza Powered figures AND I am making some of them available for you here. These are played with toys from my own collection, I signed them and had fun repackaging them in my Personal Vintage Radically Rearranged Reptilian TMNT…
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    Original Works of Art by Me Over 50 Original Works of Art
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