Retro Style Eastman Last Ronin Button Sets

Remember the 80’s when your comics had a form in the back to mail in for awesome collectibles like buttons and bandanas – well Kevin is kicking it old school with a button maker. Seriously, these are hand made buttons featuring Kevin’s Last Ronin characters and his gorgeous colored markers.

Recently we released a series of black and white The Last Ronin buttons to accompany the SDCC triptych covers. Well Kevin just finished coloring the original art and now we are releasing these as a set.

The set of six buttons are mounted on a backer board and can be left intact for presentation in your collection or split up to adorn your favorite TMNT gear. The pin set is accompanied by a mini poster of Kevin’s Button Art.

Only available here at Kevin Eastman Studios – COWABUNGA!!!

** The black and white images and buttons shown in the gallery are NOT included with these colored sets and are strictly for fun and reference.

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