I often get asked about my personal TMNT toy collection. I love all these Radically, Goofy, Whacky, Rock’n Rollin’, Mutated, Kick-Action, Pizza Powered figures AND I am making some of them available for you.

These are played with toys from my own collection, I signed them and had fun adding weaponry (not always historical accurate – LOL) and repackaging them in my Personal Vintage Radically Rearranged Reptilian TMNT Toy Collection Clam Shells – designed just for you!

Lots of these toys are enclosed in a clear clam shell packaging and each toy is signed by me. We strive to photograph each of these so you can see my signature BUT in some cases I sign them on the foot (you can see LOTS of samples here), but when it comes to The Foot – I sign them on The Thigh – LOL!!!!