Possibly the most unusual project published by Mirage Studios

Are you a completionist type of collector? Do you require one of EVERYTHING ever produced by MIRAGE Studios, home of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Do we have an opportunity for you … AND those of you that don’t meet the aforementioned criteria too – LOL

Possibly the most unusual item that Mirage ever published is this 1990 set of Gahan Wilson Monster Baseball Trading Cards. A set of 10 “baseball cards” illustrated by Wilson with humorous “stats” and a short biography on the back of each card.
The characters depicted on these cards are famous killers, thinly-disguised character actors or aliens. Issued in an illustrated packet with the Mirage Publishing logo on the inside.

Gahan, who sadly passed away late last year was influenced by the satire seen in the pages of MAD and Punch and was probably best known for his own contributions to Playboy and The New Yorker. In turn he influenced alternative cartoonists including Gary Larson, John Callahan and Bill Plympton.

Now through midnight Monday, September 7 (eastern standard time) we will include one complimentary set of these zany cards in your purchase from our shop.  This offer is limited to one card set per buyer and while supplies last. Digital Downloads are not included in this giveaway.


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