San Diego Comic Art Gallery


The San Diego Comic Art Gallery is an AWESOME unique, new and dynamic space, designed to educate and engage the local San Diego community and the region of Southern California with sequential comic book and graphic arts. The SDCAG is a permanent home to showcase this celebrated art form; already so pervasive in our culture, thanks to the meteoric success of comic-based films, television and entertainment, and already so associated with the San Diego area, thanks to Comic-Con International.

Owned and operated by IDW Publishing, based in San Diego, and with a retail space, a gallery of original art from comics and animation, and actual working artists (LIKE ME) on the premises, The San Diego Comic Art Gallery is an entirely new kind of venture. Located in the NTC in Liberty Station, The SDCAG has accentuated an already vibrant arts community.

Through events, author and artist appearances (OFTEN ME), art installations and celebrations, The San Diego Comic Art Gallery will become a destination to worldwide fans of the medium, and cement San Diego’s status as a Capital of the comic arts, while becoming an integral part of the immediate community.

I make frequent appearances at the Galley and love being involved in the wide array of exhibits and events we offer. I often find myself conducting impromptu tours when I drop in to the IDW offices and love chatting with visitors about this artform I love so much.

Exhibits change frequently and theres always a reason to drop by. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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