Biz n’ Buzz

Biz an Buzz Toys

Coming to a place near you – soon …..

“Need to remove an unexploded WW2 bomb from your chimney?
Transport your one hundred and twenty three year old Granny to her Titanic Club reunion?
Babysit your 400-pound cousin with narcolepsy?
Clean out the nasty nest of mutant hedgehogs from under the orphanage?
Don’t get stuck with those expensive licensed companies or contractors—get stuck with these guys!!!
Guaranteed to show up eventually and if they smell like vomit, air fresheners will be provided for a minimum charge for your maximum enjoyment during (paid) service!
Biz and Buzz: Work for Hire! A semi-epic animated series about two clueless guys who get the job done, one-way or another!

– Simon Bisley & Kevin Eastman