Don, Mikey, Leo and Raph

A  set of 1988 Classic Signed Toys and more were just added to the Action Figures Department. Grab these now as they always sell like hotcakes.

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  • I want to personally say thank you Kevin and Peter. You two are responsible for giving me an amzing childhood with these toys and items. I am a lifetime fan and always will be!! I own almost everything your 80s and early 90s had made and even some of the new neca and niclelodeon stuff they put out. I have just purchased Wyrm and the turtle dragster. Just ordered it but very excited to finally have something autographed by one of the two coolest guy to ever walk the earth. I bought your books and read how you guys got together and came up with the turtles. Absolutely amazing i love it.” Ninja turtles?” ” No Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” ❤. I run a windshield shop in Ontario Oregon called Snake River Windshield. If your ever driving through on a bus or driving yourself idk why you would but it would be the biggest pleasure of mine to meet you guys. I hope to one day meet you at a comic con but thats about impossible how those are and so far away… but hopefully one day it will be possible. Thank you again for being the best part of my childhood!!

    • Sorry that we are just now seeing this – don’t know where its been lurking. Thanks for the enormously kind words. Cowabunga Dude

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