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  1. Kevin

    Cowabunga, Sir!
    To shellebrate the 30th Anniversary of their Playmates debut, plus the 1st Anniversary of your Personal Vintage Radically Rearranged Reptilian TMNT Toys, may I please ask if you would consider a reproduction of this Incredible Intro Package (maybe in the form of an Ashcan, One-Shot or Comicfolio) that we fans can purchase right here on your site? I would LOVE to add this to my collection!
    From the ‘TMNT Media Gallery’ to ‘Early Turtles’, my Half-shelled, whole-hearted thanks to you and TEAM EASTMAN for venturing into the vault and sharing the awesomeness.
    TURTLE Power!

    1. Kevin E.

      Lots of fun ideas here Kevin – thanks as always for your support and for reaching out with your kind and always alliterative fun words.

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