Toy Department is Fully Stocked

My signature Vintage Signed Toys Department is once again fully stocked.  We have classic 1988s, Talkin’ dudes, Halfcourt, Raph as The Mummy, Movie III Samurai, Sergeant Bananas, Usagi, Ray Fillet, Crazy Clowning Mike and so many more …

I often get asked about my personal TMNT toy collection. I love all these Radically, Goofy, Whacky, Rock’n Rollin’, Mutated, Kick-Action, Pizza Powered figures AND I have made some of them available for you.

These are played with toys from my own collection, I signed them and had fun adding weaponry (not always historical accurate – LOL) and repackaging them in my Personal Vintage Radically Rearranged Reptilian TMNT Toy Collection Clam Shells – designed just for you!

Fan Club Members get $10 off per toy!

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